We produce regular snapshots of Greenstone for developers, which you access through this page. We make release candidates available in the lead-up to a new version being brought out. These have undergone some, but not exhaustive, testing by us, and are made available so that others can try them out before the official release.

We also have automated nightly builds. These are untested.

Release Candidates

There are no release candidates available at the moment.

Nightly Release Snapshots

Greenstone snapshot releases are automatically generated each night for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Listed below are the latest "stable" snapshots, which means that versions for all operating systems have compiled successfully.

The Caveat-emptor page lists the results of the latest nightly build, whatever the outcome. Some builds may not be listed if they failed, however, logging information of the build is present to help pinpoint where the issue might lie.


Linux Binary Snapshot (2s2024.07.10, 204.96 MB) (2s2024.07.10, 204.86 MB)
Windows Binary Snapshot (2s2024.07.10, 220.84 MB)
Source Distribution Snapshot (2s2024.07.10, tar.gz, 255.81 MB) (2s2024.07.10, zip, 264.27 MB)
Source Component Snapshot (2s2024.07.10, tar.gz, 73.07 MB) (2s2024.07.10, zip, 74.83 MB)


Linux Binary Snapshot (3s2024.07.10, 656.29 MB) (3s2024.07.10, 658.13 MB)
Windows Binary Snapshot (3s2024.07.10, 685.87 MB)
Source Distribution Snapshot (3s2024.07.10, tar.gz, 1.08 GB) (3s2024.07.10, zip, 816.37 MB)
Source Component Snapshot (3s2024.07.10, tar.gz, 59.12 MB) (3s2024.07.10, zip, 60.38 MB)

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